Welcome to Science at The Wanderer | By Hanhmi Huynh

Remember that feeling in elementary school when the classroom would be buzzing because we were going to watch an episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy? Or the pure sense of wonderment you felt when you first witnessed the explosion of a baking soda vinegar volcano? I used to wake up early so I could watch the latest episode of Popular Mechanics for Kids and rush home after school to watch Zoom on PBS Kids. Ah, but nostalgia aside, science has always given me that kind of excitement – an insatiable curiosity for possibilities, the exhilaration of discovery and the absolute satisfaction of sharing newly learned knowledge with others. That is why I am ecstatic to be joining The Wanderer team as the incoming Science Editor.

My Science degree at the University of Alberta has given me the opportunity to learn from inspirational professors, work with incredible researchers, and even have the chance to hold a human brain! It has instilled in me an appreciation for the rigor of the scientific process, the value of an inquisitive mind and the importance of critical thinking. I have witnessed the dedication and relentless hours of work that researchers commit aspiring towards a new discovery, a better world, or to be on the frontier of knowledge. It truly has inspired me to be a lifelong learner and has perpetuated the same enthusiasm for science that I felt in elementary school. It is with absolute pleasure that I am able to share this passion with other writers and readers of The Wanderer.

One of my favorite quotes from Richard Dawkins sums it up best:

The true scientific understanding of the nature of existence is so utterly fascinating; how could you not want people to share it? Carl Sagan, I think, said ‘when you’re in love, you want to tell the world.’ And who, on understanding a scientific view of reality, would not, as it were, fall in love and want to tell the world?

So join us this year as we explore the fascinating research in our city, indulge ourselves in some interesting science trivia, examine relevant health issues and rediscover that youthful yearning for science education.

If you share a love for science or have a science question you’d like answered, email our Science Editor Hanhmi Huynh at hanhmi.huynh@thewandereronline.com.  You can also submit your article ideas through our Submissions Page.


Banner photo courtesy of Wanderer Online Photography Editor Bryan Tran

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