Western Living Name’s Top 40 Foodies Under 40

Western Livng, Canada’s largest regional magazine, has entered its fifth consecutive year naming the top 40 foodies under the age of 40 in Western Canada. Pretty awesome, if you ask us. Though Vancouver seems to occupy a prominent place on the food charts, Edmonton certainly carved its own spot on the list, with Famoso’s founders, Justin Lussier, Jason Allard and Christian Bullock all qualifying. The delicious Duchess Bakeshop Executive Pastry Chef, Jacob Pelletier, is also on the top 40, along with Blair Lebsack and a handful of others. If you’re craving some great food, then reading through this might not be the best choice, unless you’re in close vicinity to one of Edmonton’s representatives on the list. In any case, see what it is that Western Canada has to offer, and be sure to sample the top 40’s offerings during your next lunch break.

For the full list, head here.


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