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In late-July 2012, The Wanderer Online launched its first Bears and Pandas athlete on-the-road blogs, with Katie Arbuthnot, a member of Pandas basketball, live-blogging from the London 2012 Olympics. Not too long after, Sasha Sproule of Pandas Swimming began her commentaries on Olympics swimming events, and Ciera Heshka-Wolf wrote about track and field competitions. The contributions have been well-received, and we’re excited to see them continue over the course of the fall and winter semesters.

Well, great minds think alike. On August 18 2012, the Bears and Pandas Athletics have launched their own tumblr page, which you can find here. The intention behind the project is to “provide another level of insight into the student-athlete experience for our fans, supporters and followers.” This is an innovative idea, and it’s something that has long been in store for a talented group of athletes that lead active social lives off the field. The Bears and Pandas boast one of the nation’s strongest sports programs, but game attendance can be low for even the mot successful of University of Alberta sports. However, with state-of-the-art facilities, a slew of highly-ranked teams and a 30 000+ student body, the contests should see plenty of students.

In one of the inaugural posts on the blog, Bears football player Ryan Dean writes this:

The weekend saw some pretty high temperatures near the 30 degree mark with what I hear was a record high today around 32 degrees. Perfect weather for 4 hours of practice in pads during the middle of the day… But seeing as we all made it out fine with nothing but weird tan lines and a new found love for hydration, its been a great start to training camp. From 16 year old first years (Pistol Pete Lafleur) to 24 year old 5th years like myself, one thing has been evident through the first 6 practices of the season… the desire to compete.

Ok, so there’s an eight-year gap between players on the team, and the Bears have their own “Pistol Pete”? That doesn’t even include the fact that players are practicing – with pads – in 30+ degree heat. And all of this comes through one paragraph of player-writing.

Indeed, the posts are set to be an interesting and engaging addition to Bears and Pandas sports in 2012. The Wanderer Online will keep you posted this semester not only through our own player blogs, but by highlighting some of our favourite content from this tumblr page.

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