Should the EPSB Initiate School Closures? | The Wanderer Education

In the most recent Edmonton Public School Board Trustee elections, many candidates pledged to work toward a solution to keeping neighbourhood schools open, rather than closing them when enrolment dwindled. A moratorium was then placed on school closures, allowing the EPSB time to discuss the issue of school closures. With this January 14 column in the Edmonton Journal, writer Paula Simons argues that closing some neighbourhood schools with dwindling enrolments would not be so disastrous to local communities. Indeed, according to Simons, “The challenge ahead for public school trustees is to find thoughtful, consultative ways to make closures and consolidations palatable, even beneficial, to communities.” For the full read of this piece, head here. For an alternative view on this issue, check out Trustee Michael Janz’s engaging blog, here.

CC photograph courtesy of “sahlgoode” on Flickr

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