Where Do You Wander? | By Nikita-Kiran Singh

Welcome back to The Wanderer!

I am incredibly excited to announce that we are launching the 2015/16 publishing year.  After a summer of behind-the-scenes preparation, exciting exchanges of ideas, and working together as a new team, The Wanderer is ready for another year of thought-provoking and emotion-eliciting articles, visuals and projects.  This is our collective goal at The Wanderer – to make you, our readers, think something you might have never thought before, or to feel something you might not have anticipated.

Our incoming Editorial Team is incredibly diverse, with students and recent graduates from the faculties of business, arts, science, education, nursing and medicine.  We have expanded our team with the goal of fostering interdisciplinary collaboration within our group.  Our Managing Editors are creative spirits enthusiastic about producing accessible content that challenges our existing preconceptions and the way we think.  Our Content Editors have an array of experiences including traveling and dancing around the globe, researching important questions about health, and writing about meaningful concepts like social justice.  Our Visual Team has a penchant for bringing stories to life with their artistic acuity and empowering the messages of our articles.  Finally, our Marketing and Communications Team is committed to enhancing The Wanderer’s collective voice by creative storytelling through a variety of media platforms.  What truly unifies a team is the way individual strengths and intersecting talents are emboldened by working together.  I am thrilled to discover what projects will emerge in our near future.

The Wanderer aims to explore complex issues with clarity, whether through critical analysis, personal narratives, or the power of unwritten visuals.  We will contemplate the meaning behind our everyday actions, highlight organizations and individuals whose work empowers Edmontonians, and analyze specific events in broader contexts.  At its crux, The Wanderer is about discovering the issues that matter to our writers and audience and presenting them with creative freedom.  It is our pleasure to share what we love about the vibrant city of Edmonton and our views about the world at large.

We hope our content leaves you wondering: where do you wander?

Nikita-Kiran Singh | Editor-in-Chief


Photography courtesy of Wanderer Online Photography Editor Bryan Tran; banner design courtesy of Wanderer Online Design Editor Janelle Holod.

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