Where She Goes, Nobody Knows! | By Nicole Stodola

My account of the 31st Country Crusade is a bit shaky due to the large volume of BEvERages I consumed, but for those of you that did not join us, I will try my best to tell the story.

I have attended many Country Crusades before (some as a sober monitor, and some as a drunk). This one was different, in the sense that it was still VERY light out as we boarded the buses.  A big thank you to Cunningham transport for driving us hooligans year after year.  As we headed out into the country, the engineering songs began, as well as the whining that people had to pee.  It seems that as soon as we leave the city limits there is a force field that gives all participants a huge urge to urinate, myself included.  Finally the bus drivers decided to stop and many people jumped off.  Since I am not endowed with a urine pipe I decided to go for a little hike to get away from peering eyes.  While on my hike to a secluded location I saw a cemetery. I quickly peed before I awoke any ghosts and hurried back to the bus so I was not forgotten in the middle of nowhere on HWY 37.

Soon after the pee break we drove into a small little town. Looking out the windows we were able to quickly tell we were in Gibbons. The bus pulled up to a hotel, we got our IDs checked and a pig stamp slapped onto our arms.  It was now time to find the bar!

A group of us went up to the bar and asked for 5 shots. In the city that would run you about $35 dollars; out in the country it was merely $18. We were excited that the prices were cheap and the beer was COLD! After downing our shots and grabbing a drink we moseyed onto the dance floor. Soon the place was jumping and we were having a blast. A special thank you to Gibbons Hotel staff for hosting us this year!

Around midnight I decided to play a boxing video game. I had a score of 692, and had already destroyed two eng phys and the one’s girlfriend. I thought I was unstoppable until Keri Mead stepped up to challenge me. She wound up and punched the bag with gusto and scored a whopping 826. I was essentially deflated and decided that I needed another drink.

The night continued in this way, dancing, drinking and an all around good time. The last bus was loading and I was just saying goodbye to a certain eng phys that missed the bus out to Gibbons (and thus was sober and had to drive home). As I walked to the door of the bar the bouncer yelled at me, “Your bus just left!” Oh CRAP! Now I am stuck in Gibbons!  I turned to the eng phys and asked politely if I could have a ride home. He agreed and as we were walking to his car, we found two mecEs that had also missed the bus. With the car full of slightly inebriated individuals (minus our driver) we headed back to the university. I have heard from others that the bus home was hectic and they stopped again for a pee break. Hopefully no-one on that pee break woke up the ghosts.

If you missed the shenanigans of Country Crusade XXXI or if you had an amazing time like I did, stay on the lookout for XXXII tickets in January. WHERE SHE GOES NOBODY KNOWS!

Nicole Stodola is a fifth-year student in Computer Engineering.  

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