Where’s the 2012 Pandas Field Hockey Team? | The Wanderer Sports

You know what looks really weird? THIS.

Last year, U of A Athletics Director Ian Reade cut field hockey from the university’s boiling cauldron of varsity sports, and despite a severe public backlash, opted to keep things that way. This year, the Canada West field hockey league features just THREE TEAMS. Imagine a Canada West football league that featured only the Bears, Dinos and T-Birds. Or a Canada West soccer league with Regina, the Pandas and Victoria. Wouldn’t that suck?

One of the many reasons for the withdrawal of the Pandas team is Canada’s lack of Olympics field hockey success every four years. Now let’s consider the university’s other major sports: volleyball, soccer, basketball, hockey and swimming, among others. Only three out of those five sports sent Canadians to the Olympics. Soccer and volleyball aren’t going anywhere soon.

In consultation-free fashion, the 2012 summer saw the university notify the Students’ Union about another quick change.

What are your thoughts on the field hockey debacle of spring 2012? Share them below. 

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