Whoa… Oakland Won the AL West?! Wake Us Up! | The Wanderer Sports

At the beginning of the year, everyone thought the Oakland Athletics would end the 2012 MLB regular season with more losses than wins. One-hundred losses? Maybe not, but the good ‘ol days of Moneyball seemed long gone. The Oakland Raiders, following years of suck, were emerging as Oakland’s go-to team. Ahhh, NOPE. In a miracle of Brad Pitt and Billy “Jesus” Beane, the A’s resurrected their season in the second half, not only making the post-season, but WINNING THE AL WEST. What?! And Texas… Texas is in the wildcard playoff! Against BALTIMORE! Pinch me. This isn’t happening.

To make matters even more mind-boggling, the A’s won their division with a starting pitching rotation of ROOKIES. Yes, rookies.

Though the end of 2012 was not quite as exciting as the 2011 finish (see: Dan Johnson and Evan Longoria; Josh Beckett, Jon Lester, chicken and beer), it was outstanding nonetheless. Oh, and the excitement isn’t leaving us anytime soon. With Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, the Athletics’ rookies, Boston failing miserably and a significant number of sub-25 year-old prodigies, baseball is somewhere around its peak.

TOMORROW, come back to The Wanderer for a breakdown of our 2012 MLB regular season awards!

Also, thank you to reader Tom Grimm for pointing out that the A’s are in the West. Not the AL East! 

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