William Lau: keep calm and smile on

Every time I see William walking on campus he is always smiling, and for good reason. He’s been a leader at the University of Alberta in promoting health in student leaders and to undergraduates all around campus. William’s passion for health can be seen when he is amongst his colleagues and friends, from his hard work and commitment to make health more accessible and acknowledged on campus.

Over his undergraduate career, William has accomplished many roles to facilitate a better understanding of health, such as co-creating the Student Health Committee, facilitating on the Health & Wellness Team of the University Wellness Services, and co-leading the Health Science Students’ Association. Aside from his amazing time management skills to do this all with sanity intact, he has an incredible capacity to do it with humility and appreciation.

I have had the chance to get to know William in and out of his health endeavors and he sure does a lot of smiling! He has this lightness about him that highlights his good heart to try and get as much from his experiences by interacting and talking to others about their goals, ambitions, and future. He is always searching for new things to get involved with, new student groups to be introduced to, and above all new ways to make the campus a better place.

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