Winter 101: An Introduction | By Jessie Philbert

Edmonton is cold. “But it’s a dry cold”, I hear myself telling my family back home in Ontario. “It doesn’t go into your bones like the wet cold does.” But the sad truth is, when we are in the deep bowels of winter (which is most of the time), not very many of us are outside embracing the snow, the ice, the non-bone-chilling-but-still-extremely-cold cold. Our City of Edmonton has a campaign to encourage us citizens to reframe our perspective on this season entitled WinterCity Edmonton. Serving as inspiration for this article series are the top 10 ways to embrace Winter suggested by the strategy. As it stands, there are tons of fun, free, easy, accessible things to do here in the subzero environment and reading all about them might get everyone shouting: “For the Love of Winter”!

What are some ways that you like to embrace winter? What’s your favourite winter activity? How do you embody “For the Love of Winter”?

Join me as I tackle all things winter from Festivals to Home Decor for the next six weeks!

Next Week: Winter Fashion!

Banner courtesy of Wanderer Design Editor Janelle Holod.



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