Winter 101: Winter Fashion | By Jessie Philbert

It may be beyond “sweater weather” and more into the “it’s so cold outside I keep all my body hair for warmth” weather but that doesn’t preclude us from dressing stylishly and sensibly. Remember, the key is layering!


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Going out tonight??

Planning an outfit for a night on the town in the dead of winter is a balancing act. On the one hand, you don’t want to dress too lightly and end your night hypothermic. On the other, you don’t want to dress so warmly that you stroke out on the dance floor.

Here are some of my tips:

  • Thick tights and leggings are your friends
  • Wear a hat (so much heat escapes from our heads and it’s easy to put in your pocket at coat check)
  • ALWAYS WEAR A WINTER COAT! Alcohol makes you feel invincible to the cold- so does end stages of hypothermia!
  • Consider packing a light non-cotton long sleeve top & snow pants that can be easily stuffed into a jacket sleeve. I have been known to wear my snowpants to the club. I have also been known to never had frostbite!
  • Get your stuff organized before you hand it to coat check so you aren’t paying for two hangers (which they sometimes charge you for!)

Bottom line There’s nothing sexier than bulky, shapeless clothes that keep you safe and warm.

Not convinced? Here are some toasty but head-turning outfits for night and day!



Next Week:  Winter Festivals!

Photography by Wanderer Online Fashion Photographer Vivian Kwan. Banner courtesy of Wanderer Online Design Editor Janelle Holod.

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