Young David Suzuki Doppelgänger Meets Actual David Suzuki. Ridiculousness Ensues | By Josh Le

I’ve often been compared to a “young David Suzuki” during my present journey to super awesome hair and facial hair. I’ve been growing out my hair for 26 months and my beard for 15 months. Since about the midway point, I’ve been meaning to get a photo with David Suzuki. I heard David Suzuki was in town for a talk at the Garneau Theatre, but I already committed to another event that evening. I thought my hopes for getting this photo were toast. My first event began at 5:30PM while the David Suzuki event began at 7PM. Fortunately, my first event ended earlier than I expected and that gave me a small window of opportunity to get my photo with David Suzuki.

I arrived at the venue to a seemingly empty building. I was greeted by a staff member and customer chatting over the counter. Seeing the building being almost empty, I hesitantly asked whether David Suzuki was still around. They directed me to his whereabouts at the front of the theatre signing books and chatting with guests. There were probably 8 people left in the room, including myself. Nervously, I made my way down. I was greeted by one of the organizers wondering why I was suited up and so late. I stated my purpose and she agreed to take my photos.

I got the chance to ask David Suzuki for a photo as I was setting up my camera. He agreed. I got a couple of practice shots while another gentleman was getting his photo with David Suzuki. It was finally my turn! I asked the organizer to stand in the photo with David Suzuki so I could double-check my camera settings. At that moment, the theatre lights turned off indicating that we should leave and I thought I lost my chance. David Suzuki reassured me that we could still have a photo, so I changed the settings to accommodate for the flash. I took another test shot after setting the flash to see if it was working properly. It took a little while because the theatre was dark and the camera wasn’t able to detect the objects very well in the photo.

I proceeded to take a normal photo with David Suzuki. To spice things up, I wanted to take a fun photo doing the peace sign – I was trying to be funny and ironic. He was hesitant. My fingers were already in “peace” mode. Just before the flash went off, he flipped the bird! I was shocked for a second, but then I laughed out loud at what just happened. I looked at the photo in disbelief and thought to myself: THAT’S AWESOME!!!

I quickly asked him if I could post it on the Internet. He didn’t care, he responded. Unsure if that was sufficient and that I heard incorrectly, I waited a minute or two for him to finish his conversation with the people present. Again, I asked if I could post it on the Internet. He didn’t care, he responded again.

With his consent, it’s on the Interwebz!

tl;dr Met David Suzuki. Got an epic photo.

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