Your Ads Free: Is The Gateway Biting the Newspaper Bullet?

We all know the newspaper industry is in troublesome times, with advertising dwindling and a reader base moving online. On Wednesday morning, we took this screenshot of The Gateway‘s homepage, which suggests that the paper might not be having a BANNER year for ads. Just glance to the “{ad_text}” above the paper’s logo to see what we’re talking about.

Turning it over to you, what ads would you put in the paper’s empty ad space?

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  • Rob

    Let me preface this statement by acknowledging this is a joke. However, there’s a lot more things the Gateway can call the Wanderer out on. The articles on here are written with poor grammar and some are offensive making them anything but professional. Do you really think it’s wise to pick a fight? Or should both student lead media outlets keep it classy with some mutual respect?
    Being edgy and pushing buttons might get your website hits, but it won’t get you respect in the field. This is petty, you’re better than this Wanderers.


  • Supporter of the Mad Dog


  • Broseidon

    Whoa ROB, I don’t appreciate the clever way you insinuated The Wanderer started this fight, and then used it as an opportunity to insult our writers and our professionalism. Social commentary on the decline of the relative success and reader base of newspaper style news delivery is not an attack, merely an observation. As the majority of wanderer readers are students, The Gateway was used as an example that readers might personally connect and identify with. Your response was petty and self-serving, and lacked any constructive element that would support your position of mutual respect.
    ROB wut r u doin
    ROB wut r u doin

  • Looks like they have a banner up now. Must have been a bug or something. As for advertising, maybe someday you’ll have to worry about that? Do you even know how to incorporate those into the pre-packaged WordPress theme you purchased? You’ll have to find a new one with ad support built in perhaps.

  • Phew, thanks nameless Wanderer writer! Looks like we had a little glitch when we switched between one banner and another this week. We got it fixed now!

    If you’d like to see more of The Gateway’s awesome advertising clients, check out our paper! It just came out today, and it’s got all the ads your hearts could possibly desire!

  • Duke Ellington

    The Wanderer should advertise on Gateway

  • Bennett Csorba

    This isn’t news, it is simply a missing ad on a web page. This article does not serve as a medium to inform the campus community about upcoming events, and it does not attempt to inspire readers into practicing autodidacticism by sharing, for example, a scientific breakthrough. It does not analyze any social trends on campus, nor does it raise any questions about a serious social issue on or off campus.

    This type of error happens frequently enough on even the best of sites. It isn’t truly a gaffe of any calibre. In relevance to the article, why would The Wanderer Online post an article to existing readers that directly advertises another news source? The irony in posting this article is that The Wanderer Online indirectly gave free advertising for The Gateway while critiquing The Gateway’s advertising mistake. I think that this is a much larger advertising mistake than a missing banner ad.

    I did not have a part in this being uploaded to The Wanderer Online, and I’m baffled to why it’s still up. Any notion of The Wanderer Online needing to scrape readers from The Gateway, or vice versa, is unwarranted. There is no legitimate reason why any reader of either literature could not read both, if said reader so wanted. There is no gain to be made by doing this, as it will not expand readership and The Wanderer Online is non-profit. Next time one of the team’s writers sees something like this, please just send the folks over there an e-mail, will you?

    • Quetzala

      I couldn’t agree with you more.