Yuri Sulyma: programming phenom

Yuri is one of the U of A’s premier student programmers, and combines this talent with a contagious desire to help others. He is the creator of the original Interdepartmental Science Students’ Society website, but more impressively, has made significant contributions to Beartracks and a variety of other U of A online platforms. He does all this while teaching math courses via Reddit and excelling in his studies. How he does this while maintaining excellence in his academics is beyond me, especially in a programme as challenging as mathematics.

Perhaps the most impressive of Yuri’s accomplishments, however, is his Facebook app used by over 9000 students, Bearbook. Yuri’s creation is a remarkably functional app, one that brings course schedules, textbooks and even professor ratings into one spot. When students are in a crunch to register for courses, find good professors and then purchase textbooks, Bearbook is the place to go. Simply put, Yuri is an uber-talented and socially-conscious programmer that has not surprisingly developed an excellent reputation on campus, both for his smarts and his capacity to better his community through Bearbook and the many other projects of which he is a member.


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