by Neelam Singh

While you take your time, I’ll be laying with another.
I’ll be here, in my mind, fast asleep under the covers.

I’m at peace, I’m in rest, my eyes soft, clothed in content.
No upset, no second guess, no want to forgive, or to forget.

I’ll be whole, on my own, holding soul-beats as I go.
Here I am, when I will, and if I feel, I will know.

My morals set, my judgment laid, my heart absent from this state.
Their wonder wild, their breath short, their path chosen by my fate.

I grow no less, I guilt no more, I add no burden to my chest.
My duty calls, as I see fit, as I deem when to host undressed.

Take your time, I’ll take mine, my time, my want, my form, my space.
Have your thoughts, as I do, but she bars shame upon such grace.


Banner image courtesy of Neela D via Flickr.