Carlo Martin: Augustana’s force

Augustana Campus, located in Camrose, Alberta, is shaped considerably by the culture of the Augustana Students’ Association. During the 2012 year, Carlo Martin played a key role in the ASA, transitioning from VP Academic to President. In both of these capacities, he has excelled, as evidenced by the increase in student voter turnout during the recent SU executive elections.

As the VPA and President of the ASA, Carlo maintained a concentration and relaxation that many student leaders would envy. He’s a remarkably in-tune leader that listens closely to what his peers have to say, but rarely shows any signs of stress. His tremendous 2012 year resulted in the engagement of hundreds of Augustana Campus students, reflected in what is one of the highest elections turnouts in recent years. By passing a 40.6% voter turnout, the ASA surpassed the recent provincial elections turnout, showing that student engagement is well and alive at Augustana.

Carlo’s term as the ASA is coming to an end, and he will move on knowing that he has made great impacts to the University of Alberta. A faculty association president, Students’ Council member and vice-president academic, Carlo’s 2012 year was fantastic. He’s a force to be reckoned with, indeed.