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With the Olympics in full swing, this is another hectic week in sports. Of course, an update from the sports world could go on for thousands and thousands of words, but we’ve narrowed the weekly update down to several paragraphs. Here are some of the bigger – and on the flip side, more obscure – stories from basketball, running, the Olympics, baseball, and so on.


The Dwight Howard saga seems to be coming to an end. And he’s headed to – sigh – the Los Angeles Lakers. ESPN has reported that Howard will head to the Lakers in a deal that will see Andrew Bynum head to the 76ers, and Andre Iguodala to the Denver Nuggets. The plucky Nuggets could gain quite a bit from this deal, through the high-flying Iguodala.

And the Lakers? With Steve Nash leading a starting line-up involving Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard. I mean, come on. The Miami Heat, though defending champions, would be much less favoured to take the NBA crown in 2013. The New Jersey Nets, despite significant improvements, would probably need one more piece in their starting line-up (Pau Gasol?). Chicago will need a healthy Rose to win the title. And the Thunder? Well, it’s a given that a Lakers vs. Thunder Western Conference Final would leave fans salivating.

Charlotte isn’t winning any time soon. Neither is Toronto. Or even squads like Dallas, for that matter. TV ratings will soar as these high-octane Final Four-esque squads duke it out.


Any attempt at Olympics coverage will fall short of the word “exhaustive.” But here’s a brief rundown:

1. Team Canada falls to the USA in a thrilling semis match, 4-3 in extra time (30 seconds away from a shootout). The Norwegian ref makes some questionable calls. Christine Sinclair, who registers a hat-trick, then calls out the ref following the game. To no-one’s surprise, the Norwegian ref did not ref the finals.

2. Usain Bolt wins the 100 meter and 200 meter. Yohan Blake finishes second in each. Justin Gatlin completes his comeback from a PED ban to take bronze in the 100 (Tyson Gay would have been a better story in this spot); Warren Weir of Jamaica is third in the 200 meter, showing the world once again that Jamaicans are simply faster on their feet in short-distance events.

3. France misses numerous attempts in the bronze medal soccer match agaisnt Canada, but Diana Matheson smells blood and strikes in the last minute of the match to secure a Canadian bronze.

4. Mexico and Brazil will face off in the men’s soccer final. What a game this should be!

5. USA athletes put on a stunning display in gymnastics, and Michael Phelps earns gold in what might be his final Olympics swim. In other news, Australia earns just 10 medals in the pool, and the nation looks on in horror.


Arsenal continues to add talented forwards, but Robbie Van Persie may be headed to Manchester United. What a stunning transfer that would be.

In a game played on American soil, Real Madrid thrashes AC Milan, 5-1.

England climbs to third in the FIFA Men’s World Rankings. Brazil sits at twelfth! Denmark and Croatia are in the top ten. HOW DOES THIS MAKE SENSE?


Our Wanderer team previews are on their way. Get ready…

Looking for entertaining, witty sports coverage? Go to In this week’s edition of Deadspin articles, you’ll see everything from a Norwegian 1500 meter runner whose pants ripped in the final portion of his run, in a pretty unforgiving area. Moreover, NBC continues to air Olympics competitions many hours following the actual event, though viewers haven’t mounted too much of a protest, from what it seems. And in a laugh-out-loud article, a once-hopeful San Diego Padres employee sent a letter to the team which has since gone viral. We haven’t linked to these articles, because you really just need to head to Deadspin to find them on the right-hand rolling articles tab.


The Canadian Death Race took place on August 4, and the winner finished the 125 k route in just over 13 hours. It is hard to believe that someone can run this course in that sort of time. For in-depth and engaging running videos, featuring the likes of Kilian Jornet and Dakota Jones, check out “Trail Running TV.”