By Dustin Jussila Almost everyone has had an awkward phase in their young lives of figuring out where they stand in the eyes of their peers. Does anyone notice me? Who are my real friends? Hormones can make us do very foolish things. In Broadway Across Canada’s Dear Evan Hansen,Continue Reading

By Dustin Jussila There are many staples of a classical opera that are preserved throughout the ages: Gossip, scheming, jealousy, and revenge are all major themes to present just a few. The Marriage of Figaro is no exception, and indeed this opera should be the benchmark that all others shouldContinue Reading

by Nam Huynh In the heart of downtown Edmonton lies an inconspicuous white building with a simple exterior. If you look at it carefully, however, you’ll notice that one wall is covered in a mural filled with vibrant colours and symbols of hope, healing, and reconciliation. On the inside, thisContinue Reading

by Monika Viktorova “Change doesn’t happen because we want it to happen or even because it’s fair for a just society. Change happens because people engage in the process. People like you who have been lucky enough to have been trained to be the ethical leaders of our future.” WithContinue Reading

by Navneet Gidda Released unannounced last month, EVERYTHING IS LOVE has precipitated an unexpected state of harmony between Beyonce and Jay-Z fans. With Jay-Z haters brandishing their copies of Lemonade and his defenders clapping back with 4:44, there’s been no shortage of bickering between both sides over recent years. NowContinue Reading

by Monika Viktorova What does the Pokémon Say? was probably far from the minds of the bespectacled 20-something hipsters and decidedly older jazz aficionados milling about the Starlite room, waiting for the evening show to kick off around 8 pm. With Squirtle on trombone and Charizard on guitar, opening actContinue Reading

by Monika Viktorova Audrey Ochoa needs no introduction: a staple of the Edmonton Jazz scene and well-loved trombonist and band leader, she’s been playing in Edmonton and abroad for 14 years and her last album hit #20 on the Jazz Week chart. I interviewed Ochoa a year ago before herContinue Reading