by Neelam Singh While you take your time, I’ll be laying with another. I’ll be here, in my mind, fast asleep under the covers. I’m at peace, I’m in rest, my eyes soft, clothed in content. No upset, no second guess, no want to forgive, or to forget. I’ll beContinue Reading

by Neelam Singh If I were to go, Would your steady heart just break? If I were to go, Would you lie at night awake? If I were to go, Would your tears fall into stains? If I were to go, Would your body live in pains? If I wereContinue Reading

By Kya Rawlings Cold and flu season is here again, in full force! Whether you’re a busy student entering midterm season or hustling with that work life, no one can afford the time to get sick. Modern medicine has got you covered via the flu shot, amongst other things, howeverContinue Reading

By Rita Neyer I have been wanting to write this piece for a while now. In February,I had pitched it to my editor, but until now couldn’t quite get myself to write it down because it made it real. Cancer is very real. My mom had it twice already. EverContinue Reading

by Jessica Zhang A simple task greeted with blank stares. Uncomfortable grimaces mingled with almost apologetic sighs. We all easily dish out fruitful flattery to one another – but when it comes to ourselves the plate seems to have been scraped clean. In a culture that serves cocktails of praisedContinue Reading

by Neelam Singh   I have a hunger to be held. An instinctual urge to feel close to you. We’re subconscious. You embrace me, and it’s like I knew you in another lifetime. You press your body into mine, and the collision is cosmic. We once were stars, and afterContinue Reading