By Kya Rawlings Cold and flu season is here again, in full force! Whether you’re a busy student entering midterm season or hustling with that work life, no one can afford the time to get sick. Modern medicine has got you covered via the flu shot, amongst other things, howeverContinue Reading

By Rita Neyer I have been wanting to write this piece for a while now. In February,I had pitched it to my editor, but until now couldn’t quite get myself to write it down because it made it real. Cancer is very real. My mom had it twice already. EverContinue Reading

by Kevin Holowack By seven a.m., I’m standing outside a McDonald’s on the outskirts of Manchester, at the top of the road that joins the M6 motorway. It was a two-hour walk from where I was staying, and I’m rain-damp by the time I arrive, so I use an elmContinue Reading

by Rita Maria Neyer Here is a thought that many of you can probably relate to in one way or another (for women of colour, LBGTQ+, and non-binary people, the story would be even more complex, but I am bound to speak from my own experience as a cis-gender ‘white’Continue Reading

by Chris Berger Think of the word politics. And then, think of a typical conversation about politics: on the LRT, in the kitchen at home, at the bar, on TV, or (gods give us strength) online. Does the word “civility” come to mind? I’d sincerely hope it does, but IContinue Reading

by Nathan Pinkoski ‘People say that life is a thing, but I prefer reading.’ Whether Robertson Davies said that, or someone else entirely, has ceased to matter to me; for I, like Davies, have made reading my great refuge and solace. Like Davies, I read piles of rubbish for necessity,Continue Reading

by Chris Berger [I am one of] those who are refuted with pleasure if I say something not true, and who refute with pleasure if someone else should say something not true – and indeed not with less pleasure to be refuted than to refute. For I consider it aContinue Reading

by Chris Berger Attempting one’s first steps into philosophic thought is a daunting, frankly reckless, and directionless gamble. I say directionless because good guidance is at such a premium and reckless because we seldom have a clear idea of what we want out of it. As for daunting, those whoContinue Reading