by Kevin Holowack By seven a.m., I’m standing outside a McDonald’s on the outskirts of Manchester, at the top of the road that joins the M6 motorway. It was a two-hour walk from where I was staying, and I’m rain-damp by the time I arrive, so I use an elmContinue Reading

by Hersharon Sandhu Amidst a small crowd of cheering supporters and cameras, an excited 10 year old waits hand in hand with her sister to start her toy shopping spree. Sadie Martin was one of the few children chosen across Canada for Starlight Children Foundation’s 3-minute shopping dash at theContinue Reading

by Anna Yule When you think of Edmonton, your thoughts do not automatically associate it with eco-city or environmental city. Most of the time our city has been pegged as the capital of the oil boom and home to the trades, but hardly the garden city. This, however, has beenContinue Reading

by Monika Viktorova On Saturday, March 25th, the Alberta Art Gallery (AGA) will host the latest of its “Refinery” evening parties. A ‘narcissistic’ take on their usual event, “Self-Refinery” will blend ‘themes from current exhibitions of portraiture with social media and pop culture.” Among the artists exhibiting at  “Self-Refinery” is home-grownContinue Reading

by Zosia Czarnecka If you’re hoping to earn your city a name on the map, there is a well-known, unwritten list of requirements. You need to have a river or some body of water, you need to be known for at least one athlete, you should have had a naturalContinue Reading

by Zosia Czarnecka Anyone who knows me knows about my mild obsession with Christmas lights and candles. This past summer, I was furnishing my apartment in Germany for a few months and one of my first moves was to line the perimeter of the room with candles. It was theContinue Reading

by Hiranyaa Sahadevan Do you have that one friend that loves to tell ghost stories or watch horror movies for the thrill of being scared? I must confess: I am that friend. I love learning about anything haunted and the colorful pasts behind these spooky stories. Edmonton is not oftenContinue Reading