April 6th, 2016 – the day the final home game for the Edmonton Oilers was played at Rexall Place; a day that should live in infamy, but few will remember. For the time being we do not know the fate of the place colloquially known as “Rexall,” whether it will stay standing orContinue Reading

Push for Burundi is a distance longboarding campaign where three teenagers will use their legs and their boards to push the 2,182 km from Edmonton, AB to Portland, ORE. Their epic journey began four years ago when Caleb Sinn, PFB Co-Founder, traveled to Burundi, Africa for six months with LoveContinue Reading

On any Sunday afternoon, rain or shine, snowy or clear skies, you can find the Edmonton Aurors Quidditch club, practicing on the field turned pitch just in behind Queen Elizabeth outdoor pool. Most of you will recall the name “Quidditch “ from the Harry Potter series as the most popularContinue Reading

Cue the Music: “It’s the most wonderful time of the yeeeeeaaaaaaar!” Beginning every April, students in University begin to actually study for their final exams and I, for the first time in five years, can finally enjoy NHL playoff hockey without the stress of cramming for exams. This NHL seasonContinue Reading

For many disgruntled fans of the Oilers and other teams who will likely finish at the bottom of the NHL basement, the only thing left to look forward to is the 2015 NHL entry draft next June. So far, the majority of  draft-oriented discussions have centred around Connor McDavid andContinue Reading

Well….this feels familiar. On Monday, the Edmonton Oilers fired Head Coach Dallas Eakins, their fifth head coach since 2008. Déjà vu. The long awaited appointment of Oklahoma City Barons Head Coach Todd Nelson is finally in full swing with GM and former Head Coach Craig MacTavish helping to ease the transition behindContinue Reading

With the new NHL season underway, the Rutherford era has begun in Pittsburgh. During the off-season, after a disappointing finish in the Stanley Cup finals which saw the New York Rangers knockout the Penguins in a come-from-behind seven-game series, Penguins ownership decided it was time to shake up the managementContinue Reading