Evented: Taking the Planning Out Of Weddings

by Ramneek Purewal and Lisa Zhu

If you’ve ever helped plan a wedding, you’ve probably witnessed some of the turmoil that comes with picking out color schemes, going to food tastings and trying to find the perfect cake on a budget. Some can spend a whole year going through the agonizing planning process, which is time consuming, stressful and expensive for the bride, groom and whoever is helping with preparations.

Orchestrating the seamless coordination of the venue, photographers, caterers, musical acts and Aunt Caroline’s wardrobe malfunction can suck the fun out of the big day. Consequently, it’s well known that guests tend to have the most fun at weddings, getting to show up, dance, take silly photos and be absolved of the responsibility to keep everything running smoothly.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if couples could show up to their own weddings just like their guests do? Ramneek Purewal and Lisa Zhu ‘s startup, Evented, aims to help them do just that. Their business plans and executes ‘pop-up’ weddings, creating dream weddings without the hard work. The couple picks their venue, date and time, and can then be as involved or uninvolved in the rest of the planning process as they want. Purewal and Zhu take care of the venue rental, the photographer, decorations, the cake, the hors d’oeuvres, the flowers, champagne, music, the officiant, custom e-invites and even day-of coordination. The more adventurous can even let the Evented team choose a surprise location for their wedding, only getting the address a day before the event itself.

If couples want to be more involved, they can make key decisions like style of decor, musical choices, or the colours of the floral arrangements. Even for the more choosy, these preferences can take as little as two hours to list and hone with the Evented team, saving couples incalculable hours of planning and anxiety. Couples have the freedom to add on extras such as hair and makeup, limo rentals, custom themed decor, guest favours, a violinist or any other extras they can dream of. They can organize a reception at a beautiful restaurant afterwards or jet off to the airport to start their honeymoon. Evented allows for flexibility that makes it possible to do pop-up weddings anywhere in the world.

Choosing vendors for a wedding is one of the most time consuming part of planning a wedding. Researching vendors, looking at their work, their social media, getting prices, and setting appointments with each individual vendor can take days or weeks. Evented simplifies this process by partnering with well-established vendors, who have years worth of industry experience and fantastic testimonials from their customers. This way, everyone involved can rest assured that they are working with a professional team who is going to deliver a quality service.

Although Purewal and Zhu are expert planners and organizers, they admit that starting a business is both terrifying and exciting. Much like planning a wedding for the first time, there is so much to learn. Everything from the legal nuances of owning a business, to how to build a website and creating marketing plans had a learning curve for the team, who has been active in the entrepreneurial field for the past two years. The resources provided by eHUB, the U of A’s startup incubator, have been key for Evented’s start. Crucially, Purewal and Zhu tout having an enthusiastic and supportive network helps alleviate some of the stress of entrepreneurship. The best advice Purewal and Zhu can give to those diving into a new venture would be to stay tough, learn to love the process and never stop learning. But if you’re planning a wedding for the first time? Hire them and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Ramneek Purewal and Lisa Zhu, Evented’s wedding planner extraordinaires.

Photography courtesy of Evented.

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