If You Wear Sweatpants, It’s Just a Sign That You’ve Given Up | WanderVision with Monika Oliver

According to The Wanderer Online‘s Monika Oliver, wearing sweatpants is a clear sign that you’ve thrown in the towel, just as Seinfeld would say. Why is that? See what Oliver has to say on WanderVision.


    1. No its called sampling, rappers do it all the time, super chic.

      1. That would explain Monika Oliver’s ‘bling’.

  1. Tim, I didn’t know this is a Seinfeld quote. I know, however, that lack of knowledge is not a valid excuse for this. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  2. I made an edit, adding the Seinfeld reference to the article. I don’t know whether this is necessarily plagiarism – sweatpants being reviled and a sign of throwing in the towel seems to be a fairly mainstream opinion – but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    1. Emerson, the only “mainstream opinion” I could reduce from this post is that this video is a narrow minded, shallow attempt at fashion critique by an immature and amateur video blogger. I hope this post will challenge your team to create content that is a little more “deep”.

      I would also like for you to validate your, or your video bloggers, claim that it is commonly held belief that university students who wear sweatpants to campus must have “thrown in the towel” with respect to their approach to personal presentation. Perhaps these individuals have a very low income level, and have spent all disposable incomes on tuition or living expenses? Possibly, those individuals are balancing athletics and academia- leaving very little time to change into their blazers and pearls, a look that totally seems normal for a second year arts student (please note my sarcasm). Finally, I wondered: what if those individuals are affected by depression or anxiety and have a difficult time getting out of bed, let alone successfully completing their undergrad degree. If your contributors to this site come from a background that has enabled them to live comfortably through their university experience, good for them, they are fortunate individuals. However, making a video blog that essentially bullies those who may be struggling a little through their university journey seems to be in ill taste to me. I hope your team can start coming up with some better content.

      1. Ok, points noted and I’ll think about them+bring them to the team at our next meeting.

  3. Falls into that grey area. It’s a pretty common opinion and phrase that Seinfeld focused on in a certain episode about George wearing a sweatsuit in public.

    Excellent stuff though, keep it up

  4. Really, The Wanderer? This self-righteous garbage is what you guys have to give us? I don’t care if people wear sweatpants, but I do care when a semi-influential campus media outlet publishes a video that puts down people based on appearance.
    This is laughable.

  5. Perhaps some students are simply more focused on getting the most out of their education than concerning themselves with how they look. Some people rock sweatpants anyway. Appearance shouldn’t mean this much, when we’re supposed to be in an environment of higher learning and open-mindedness. This isn’t highschool.

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