Make Something Edmonton Mondays (June 24): Brand Camp, #standupyeg, 30 Most Interesting and MORE

The Wanderer Online’s fifth value is as follows: “We write with an understanding that Edmonton is evolving at a remarkable pace, and that we help document this transformation.” With this in mind, we are opening a new weekly featured, called “Make Something Edmonton Mondays.” In these Monday updates, we share with our readers the progress made on a handful of MSE projects. Yes, today is TUESDAY, but we’re allowed to miss a day here and there.

This one time at Brand Camp

In the citizen-driven spirit of Make Something Edmonton (MSE), the city’s build-it-together movement is “bringing together 150 Edmontonians to brainstorm and come up with Fabulous Ways to Share the Edmonton Story.” The event takes place on July 6 2013, and we are beginning with the Brand Camp update because it is simply one of those events that you can’t miss! With Edmonton growing at such a rapid clip, July 6 is the day for you to help keep momentum going, as you share your stories about #yeg with the other 100+ people in attendance.

According to the MSE website, “We want everyone to know, understand, believe and share the story and the many points of proof and anecdotes that make our city great — from citizens to businesses and institutions small and large.” You can sign up here, and we encourage you to do so quickly, as the tickets are limited. But you should REALLY register here.

In case you want to learn more about MSE, check out this video starring Todd Babiak, Amy Shostak and  others.

Keeping the update going, #standupyeg took place over the weekend, with about 110 Edmontonians making their way to the Edmonton Public Libraries’ Stanley A. Milner branch. From 9 am to 3:30 pm, those in attendance discuss the University of Alberta’s place in the city, with Paula Simons, Ruth Kelly, Todd Babiak (from the video above!), Mack Male, Randy Boissonnault and many others all participating. It was a successful day, with #standupyeg trending throughout much of the day. If you care about keeping the Stand Up for Edmonton discussion going, contact the organizers here.

Omar Mouallem wrote this wonderful article for Stand Up, as did Michelle Mark of The Gateway.

And here are two of the conference organizers, The Wanderer’s Erica Woolf and Emerson Csorba, on Global News’ morning show.

Last week, we talked about the PressMoi Top 30 Most Interesting Edmontonians project, and the duo of Shawn Kanungo and Zeshan Qureshi has nearly completed the Reddit-style Ask Me Anything interviews. Though you can find the full results of the initiative here, we’ve included some of the interesting videos and recaps below.

Here’s one of the 30, the U of A’s most recent Rhodes Scholar and physics genius, Megan Engel.

And here we have the outstanding spoken-word poet, Mary Pinkoski.

For good measure, here’s one of Edmonton’s candidates for Mayor, Don Iveson.

And to top all of this off, Edmonton Pipelines organized a wonderful day-long event called #YEGlongday, where they documented Edmonton’s longest day of the year, June 21. In a series of videos, tweets, Facebook posts, mini-essays and more, #YEGlongday provided a snapshot of an Edmonton summer day. An outstanding project, to say the least, put together by several creative and forward-thinking University of Alberta professors.

For more information about Make Something Edmonton, go here.

CC photograph courtesy of Michael Kalus on Flickr.