AT THE BEGINNING OF JUNE, I travelled down to Houston with one of my brothers, for what was a much-needed vacation. Staying with our cousins, we were graced with wonderful accommodation and a prodigious library in one of the upstairs rooms. One of our cousins, an age-mate and university student,Continue Reading

WHEN A STUDENT IS ELECTED vice-president (external) of a student association, you would think that this achievement is something out of the ordinary for that person. After all, a one-year term as vice-president can be stressful, full of unpredictable events and an indescribable amount of learning. For most students, thisContinue Reading

SPEND SOME TIME IN THE BUTTERDOME or on the Foote Field track, and you’ll eventually cross paths with Goran Miletic. Just make sure not to get in his way; he can run, and he is fast. While not leading the Golden Bears in the relay or on road trips, MileticContinue Reading