By Rita Neyer I have been wanting to write this piece for a while now. In February,I had pitched it to my editor, but until now couldn’t quite get myself to write it down because it made it real. Cancer is very real. My mom had it twice already. EverContinue Reading

by Jessica Zhang A simple task greeted with blank stares. Uncomfortable grimaces mingled with almost apologetic sighs. We all easily dish out fruitful flattery to one another – but when it comes to ourselves the plate seems to have been scraped clean. In a culture that serves cocktails of praisedContinue Reading

by Tasmia Nishat This past weekend, Foote in the Door premiered their take on Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. During the standard asking-of-the-audience-to-turn-off-their-phones, I was drawn into the show immediately – The message was delivered in French-accented banter between Worden’s Lumiére and Duiker’s Cogsworth (the candelabra and clock, if you’reContinue Reading