“Positions Deluxe”: Follow-Up Album Review

by Neelam Singh

While some artists venture away from music in favour of other projects (I’m looking at you, Bad Gal), Ariana Grande isn’t ready to switch up positions on us just yet. With five more songs totalling just under 11 minutes, Ariana gifted the world with “Positions Deluxe” this evening, and unsurprisingly, she delivered just as fabulously as with the original 14 songs.

First is “someone like you”, an interlude that has me ready to protect Ariana at all costs. With dream-like instrumentation and tender lyrics, “someone like you” brings up images of a girl singing to her music box dancer, listening to it twinkle as she turns the winding key.

Grande’s airy, breathy voice carries into “test drive”, but here, her sweetness has turned to sauce. With cheeky metaphors like “drop the top on that body” and “that’s candy paint on my body”, this 2 minute song is bouncy and boppy as Miss. Grande confidently takes the driver’s seat.

“34+35” from the original “Positions” album was already an epic hit, but the addition of Doja Cat & Megan Thee Stallion puts a spotlight on the brilliance of remixes. For instance, these two powerhouses have mega-popular remixes of their own — Doja Cat’s “Say So” (feat. Nicki Minaj) and Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage Remix” (feat. Beyoncé) — ones that are arguably more successful than their originals. The star-power between Ari, Doja, and Meg is undeniable and intoxicating. The sensations behind the “34+35 (Remix)” prove with their explicit imaginations and illustrations that you can create magic when women unite. If these lyrics were inspired by real life, this song goes to show that some people really are out there living our great and wildest dreams. At least some of us are having some explicit fun, even if it is all in our head.

There is a “best” within “worst behavior”: its call to all the bad thangs who know how to feel good. Musically, this one stands out as a favourite, the scorpio in me bringing out all my best finger snaps, hip swings, hair flips, and eye bats while listening to this seductive song. Teasing might be among the worst of behaviours, but this fourth song will draw out all those naughty ways (and more, if you’re lucky).

“main thing” brings the deluxe album to an end similarly to “pov”‘s closing of the original; sincerely, and obviously speaking to Ariana’s person behind her love. This last track is smooth, soft, and sweet, just like one’s main thing ought to be.

The five new songs of “Positions Deluxe” add cohesively to the original 14, making beautiful additions to the original album. With “Positions” in its entirety, Ariana Grande has curated a coherent album with excellently complementary songs, yet has produced almost an hour’s worth of tracks that are distinct enough to be recognizable by their first few beats. This stunning collection is Ariana’s ultimate work, carrying you from girl’s night pregame to one-on-one loving. “Positions Deluxe” is clearly made with pure passion and superstardom, a series of sex-positive, self-adoring anthems for those looking for Mx. Right, Mx. Right Now, or those not looking at all.

Banner image courtesy of Ken Lu via Flickr.

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