Sun & the Ocean

by William Caron

Beauty lies in the prime waterfall 

While life flows through the wildest river 

So that peace can always be found in the seven seas 

Helios always gladdens the noblest of the elements

 Although stormy cyclones may rise

 In the depth of the ocean you find nothing but stillness

Without bliss there can be no rivers

There can be no waterfalls

Without torridity there can be no lather

There can be no firestorm

In the merciless cordiality of the birds and the bees 

In a little gleam of time between two eternities 

The deep warmth of the most exquisite star 

Moves the tranquility of the most profound serenity 

All the way to the heavenly zenith 

Flesh and blood are a gift from the sky 

Though if you ever get stuck on a cloud

Don’t forget that all is meaningless 

Without the tranquility of the unfathomable ocean

An ocean of love and adoration for the divine

Which will always reflect the light from above

And complement its celestial magnificence for eternity 

Visual courtesy of The Wanderer Online Visual Editor Gracie Safranovich.