Thank You and Goodbye | By Blue Knox

I am infamously terrible at goodbyes. I have started this article and walked away from it so many times in the last month. Even now, a few hours before it has to be posted, I am hesitating to find the right words. Goodbyes are hard on their own, but letting go of an organization and team which have done so much to mould the person that I am today is particularly painful. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to this magazine and all of the remarkable individuals I have worked with here.

While it is hard to say goodbye, I know it is time to move on. Change is good, and with new voices comes new perspective. Nikita-Kiran Singh who has served in many roles at The Wanderer in the past few years, but most recently worked this last year as our Education Editor, will be taking the helm as The Wanderer Online’s Editor-in-Chief moving forward. Nikita-Kiran is the embodiment of compassionate and thoughtful leadership, and I am excited that next year’s team will have such a brilliant, supportive, competent captain leading them as they create projects that inspire them.

The Wanderer has given me a space to be my most vulnerable, to work through some of my most personal problems, interview my biggest role models, and take on projects which made a difference in our city. All of this, however, is trivial when compared to the immense privilege of having learned from, worked with, and become lifelong friends with some of the most talented, creative, hard working, driven, and kindhearted human beings I have met in my life. To Katrina Regino, Dongwoo Kim, Skye Oleson-Cormack, Sansitny Ruth, and Emerson Csorba, who founded The Wanderer together over three years ago: thank you for creating an inclusive space for young people to have their voices heard in Edmonton. To the editors, writers, photographers, designers, and site manager who volunteered hundreds of hours of their creativity and leadership to enrich the way our city tells stories: thank you.  To the city of Edmonton and our readers: I can think of no other place in the world where young people can take on such big ideas and receive so much support from their community, thank you.

To Hamman Samuel, who has managed our site for three years and is stepping down only now after completing his PhD: thank you for your kindness and dedication to seeing this publication succeed. To Erica Woolf and Andrew Jeffrey, who put countless hours into their work as Managing Editors this year: thank you for going above and beyond what was required of you mentoring our team, and for being so understanding. This magazine would not be here now were it not for you. To the 2014/2015 content, visual, communications, and marketing team: thank you for working so hard, for growing, for accomplishing your dream projects, for your infinite patience with me, and for your astounding commitment and outstanding leadership. To even know you all is an incredible privilege. To call you my friends, my teammates, and, quite frankly, my role models, fills me with gratitude. Our city, province, and country are so fortunate to have you.

To next year’s team, as you step into our publication in its fourth year: good luck, you have a team, and team members who came before you, and an entire city, all wanting nothing but for you to succeed!

To all of you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, and goodbye.