Thank You for a Wanderful Year | By Nikita-Kiran Singh

Of all the emotions, nostalgia may be one of the most multifaceted – it can create a strange combination of happiness and sadness, lull you into a sense of un-belonging, or even make you long for a time mistaken to be ideal.  I think that in its best form, nostalgia empowers you to be forward-looking and inspires reflection on how you’ve grown; this is how I feel reflecting on my time at The Wanderer.  In these past four years of reading, writing, and editing, I have learned more than I can express in words.  

Today I reflect on many meaningful moments: the excitement infused with terror upon reading my first “negative” comment; the laughter shared with colleagues while conceiving pitches for articles; the demanding lessons in time management mitigating publication crises the same weeks as exams; the embarrassment that still prevents me from re-reading my first two articles, a mistaken foray into satire.  Through my time at The Wanderer, I have been taught important lessons I might not have learned elsewhere, at least not in the same way.  The exchange of ideas, reception of criticism, and thoughtful consideration of viewpoints contrary to one’s own are wonderfully enriching and challenging experiences.

What I love so much about The Wanderer is that its very existence is, in many ways, subversive – our reviewers are not experts on the history of theatre; our editors come from an array of fields, varying from the arts to nursing to engineering; and most of our writers are first-time journalists. But what might initially appear to be a collection of weaknesses is really a tremendous strength.  The sharing of personal voices – particularly student voices – increases the accessibility of platforms used to communicate ideas.  This spirit of wonder and justice is a testament to the amazing team of students who established The Wanderer in the summer of 2012 and whose legacy is reflected in The Wanderer’s growth today.

There are so many outstanding people whose contributions make The Wanderer what it is.  Thank you to the 2015/16 Editorial Team for a tremendous year of creativity, meaningful conversations, and storytelling. Our Content Editors’ enthusiasm and imagination have been invaluable.  Neha’s insight into startups, technology, and travel has expanded our notion of what business means; Shrida has mastered the art of producing time-sensitive reviews of ballets, operas, and local performances; and Zosia has written thought-provoking commentary on our community’s educational institutions.  Anya has shared her characteristic blend of political insight and empathy; Hanhmi has explored many local opportunities for discovery and adventure in the world of science; and Sanaa has created space to highlight voices that have been traditionally underrepresented in media.  

All of our contributors’ work has been brought to life by the outstanding talent of our Visual Editors – Antony, Bryan, Fren, and Janelle – whose ability to convey the most complex of themes through art is absolutely breathtaking.  Our Marketing and Communications team – Jeff, Sophie, and Krishen – have done an extraordinary job sharing our stories beyond the world of The Wanderer.  To Collins and Keaton, our two Managing Editors: thank you for your mentorship, patience, and support, which have been integral on so many levels.

I am incredibly excited to be passing on The Wanderer to Collins Maina, an empathetic and reflective leader whose creativity, insight, and versatility will surely lead The Wanderer in a direction of dynamic growth.  I wish the incoming editorial team nothing but the absolute best as they venture into the world of publishing.

To everyone who has contributed to The Wanderer or has somehow supported and shaped the ideas reflected in our content: thank you for being an active participant in our world of ideas.  To write is an act of vulnerability, exposing your thoughts to an audience you’re not quite sure will understand or appreciate what you have to say.  To read is an act of learning, daring to consider that the way you see the world might not be the way it truly is.  This dynamic interaction between reading and writing is essential to the core of journalism, inspiring the values of creative freedom and autonomy that comprise The Wanderer’s foundation.

We began this year by asking, “Where Do You Wander?”  It is my sincerest hope that this year’s content has in some way moved you to wander through thoughts and possibilities you had not previously encountered.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your time, encouragement, and sincerity.

Nikita-Kiran Singh | Outgoing Editor-in-Chief


Photography courtesy of Wanderer Online Photography Editor Bryan Tran; banner design courtesy of Wanderer Online Design Editor Janelle Holod.