That’s so sweet of you/I’m seeing someone right now…

by Neelam Singh


I’m not sure if you remember me.

How have you been?

I hope you’re doing well.

Listen, I’ve been wanting to say this.

I think you’re gorgeous.

Your eyes are stunning.

I’m going to try my best to shoot my shot.

I liked you in high school.

You’re really cute.

I’m actually seeing someone…

I just started talking to someone…

I’m kind of investing my feelings with another girl…

That’s so sweet of you…

I really appreciate that…

Well it was worth a shot!

Thanks for letting me down easy.

No no no, don’t be sorry!

It’s okay, don’t even worry about it!

I hope it works out with her.

It was nice to hear from you.

Reach out anytime.

You made my day.

Of course, you too.

Maybe another time.

Please, please, please oh my god.

Are you kidding me?

What the hell.

Why doesn’t this ever work?

What the fuck is wrong with you?


Banner Image Courtesy of Sean Bernard (Twitter: @seanbgoneill).

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  1. Neelam you are beautiful, sweet, gorgeous heart of gold.

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