Welcome Back to The Wanderer!

by Zosia Czarnecka

I am incredibly excited to introduce you to our new team, and our new format. To mark our fifth year anniversary, we have revolutionized the magazine, restructured our team, changed our layout, and revised our vision. We are excited to bring back the original vision of The Wanderer: the voice of young adults in Edmonton.

For months, I have dreamed of transforming The Wanderer into a publication that people read regularly, anticipate, and get excited for. However, our freestyle coverage of anything and everything was starting to blur our vision and obscure our boundaries. We are not a campus publication, nor are we a news source – we are The Wanderer, and we are a group of passionate writers, editors, and photographers telling the stories that we want people to engage with.

The first big change this year is that we have gotten rid of our official sections. Having strict sections often limited our traditional long-form journalism style. To restructure, we are bringing the focus back to Edmonton: the city, the people, and the ideas. While we are keeping our beloved insight section, we are introducing its sister section, Social Justice, a section focused on time-sensitive material (Current), and an area dedicated to people, places and events.

The second major change is that now we will be publishing bi-weekly on Wednesdays with five feature pieces on our home page that will exhibit our talented team of visual contributors and highlight current conversations.

Our generation is known for wanting to change the status quo, and The Wanderer is no different. We are always itching to get out into the city, take photos, attend shows, and tell the story of how these outings impact us. Our new vision is tailored to refresh our magazine in its fifth year and make a model that truly showcases our passion.

However, this new dream could not flourish without a passionate team of editors, committed to hunting for new material, telling stories, and taking risks. I am proud to introduce to you the group behind the anniversary edition; our stories will be spread across the first two issues, each one a taste of what we love about our city. In a few days, you will find their bios and photos on our About page.

We are a multifaceted team – a few of our members are students like myself, others are recent graduates, and some are working around the city in diverse fields. We have science scholars, culture connossieurs, passionate photographers, and education experts. Our members have travelled around the world, they have worked in diverse fields, but one thing that brings us all together is our love for this city and our desire to share it with others.

Over the year, we will be rolling out a large-scale project. I won’t give away any details yet, but stay tuned for a unique version of The Wanderer that has been in the works for many months.

On that note, I wish you all a Wanderful Wednesday! Grab a coffee from one of Edmonton’s local coffee shops, kick back and enjoy this week’s issue: Our Edmonton.

Zosia Czarnecka | Editor-in-Chief

Illustration courtesy of Jordon Hon