Welcome to Politics at The Wanderer | By Kate McInnes

Welcome to Politics at The Wanderer.

Politics goes beyond door-knocking and political campaigns. It is multi-faceted in how it sits at the intersection of all societal threads, including justice, sociology, science, and ethics. Politics is as small as the interactions we have with each other and as large as the interactions we have with the state.

Writing for The Wanderer Politics will provide you with an opportunity to publicize your views, explore topics on a deeper level, and join a network of over 70 contributors. It will also give you experience with an emerging Edmonton-based publication that promotes creative expression through writing.

This fall, I’m extremely excited to introduce “Electoral Voices,” a series profiling various people and organizations in the city of Edmonton. The series seeks to highlight some of the topics most important to these locals, leading up to the federal election on October 19. If you know of anyone you want to see share their perspective on the election, or if you’re interested in writing a piece for this series, please feel free to email me at [email protected].

So make a pitch – anything from Edmonton’s Ice District to Justin Trudeau’s hair to Canada’s international commitments. I look forward to writing with all of you this year.


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