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Finals season is in fully swing at the university, and it’s natural that stress levels are high. It’s particularly difficult at this time of year to keep in mind why we attend university in the first place. By keeping our goals and dreams in mind during this stressful time we can all achieve the results we are hoping for.

A few of us here at The Wanderer stumbled upon this video yesterday. We wanted to share it, and hear your thoughts on it. Does this make you feel like your degree is worthless? Or do you feel inspired?

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[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_ZmM7zPLyI&feature=player_embed width=”560″ height=”315″ ]


  1. This doesn’t make me feel like my degree is worthless, nor does it inspire me. On the contrary, this video achieved quite the opposite for me. Sure, what he says is all peachy and whatnot, but how much of what he is saying can be really used to make a change in our society? In my opinion, not a whole lot. Unfortunately, the examples that he has chosen to use are only the most extreme of cases. Not everyone is Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs; likewise, not everyone is George Bush. We live in a day and age where money=survival, and USUALLY education=money. Now, when I use the term “education”, I am referring to the actual act of being in an educational institution, achieving good grades, and being spat out with a degree. The man in the video is correct to say that “education is about inspiring one’s mind, not just filling their head,”but we live in a society where our “education” is, unfortunately, deemed successful or not based on how well we can “regurgitate information”. The better you can do that, the higher your grades, the better your job, the more you earn, and ultimately usually (but not always), the happier you are. I would love to just learn and “inspire my mind”, but unfortunately, if I decided to solely focus on that, I would be out on the streets faster than that guy can spit his rhymes.

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