by Isabella Hird Migrations, by Charlotte McConaghy, is a love letter of sorts to a loved one, oneself, and the Earth. A beautiful, flighty, and farfetched book, Migrations seeks to define the complexities of connections. Set in a dystopic near-future time, where the Earth has been environmentally devastated and manyContinue Reading

by William Caron Beauty lies in the prime waterfall  While life flows through the wildest river  So that peace can always be found in the seven seas  Helios always gladdens the noblest of the elements  Although stormy cyclones may rise  In the depth of the ocean you find nothing butContinue Reading

by Ted Langston Chase Luke and Elisha share fishing on the Salkehatchie River, a river that flows past the plantation on which they have lived all their lives. They are seated at their favorite spot which is a good distance from the main house, clusters of workhouses, and slave quarters.Continue Reading

by Neelam Singh Life takes a swing at Ariana Grande and she responds with a mega-successful album. This year the entire Earth took a hit, and Ari proved that she has our backs (to which I am listening). Friday at midnight came the drop of Positions, and once again ourContinue Reading

by Neelam Singh While you take your time, I’ll be laying with another. I’ll be here, in my mind, fast asleep under the covers. I’m at peace, I’m in rest, my eyes soft, clothed in content. No upset, no second guess, no want to forgive, or to forget. I’ll beContinue Reading

by Neelam Singh If I were to go, Would your steady heart just break? If I were to go, Would you lie at night awake? If I were to go, Would your tears fall into stains? If I were to go, Would your body live in pains? If I wereContinue Reading