by Neelam Singh While you take your time, I’ll be laying with another. I’ll be here, in my mind, fast asleep under the covers. I’m at peace, I’m in rest, my eyes soft, clothed in content. No upset, no second guess, no want to forgive, or to forget. I’ll beContinue Reading

by Neelam Singh If I were to go, Would your steady heart just break? If I were to go, Would you lie at night awake? If I were to go, Would your tears fall into stains? If I were to go, Would your body live in pains? If I wereContinue Reading

By Kya Rawlings Cold and flu season is here again, in full force! Whether you’re a busy student entering midterm season or hustling with that work life, no one can afford the time to get sick. Modern medicine has got you covered via the flu shot, amongst other things, howeverContinue Reading

by Dustin Jussila You may have heard that blues or jazz is a sophisticated music for an intelligent, more refined audience. While that may be true, what you probably don’t know is that modern pop music credits a lot of its origins to the blues. Whether it’s hip-hop, classic rock, orContinue Reading

By Dustin Jussila Almost everyone has had an awkward phase in their young lives of figuring out where they stand in the eyes of their peers. Does anyone notice me? Who are my real friends? Hormones can make us do very foolish things. In Broadway Across Canada’s Dear Evan Hansen,Continue Reading

By Dustin Jussila Fresh into a new decade, our society mirrors in many whats George Orwell would have described as “fragrantly artificial.” Our ruling class and influencers have succeeded by defrauding the skeptical and the swaying the non-discerning. Our 21st century digital paradise has gifted us with fake-news, eavesdropping thermostats,Continue Reading

By Dustin Jussila There are many staples of a classical opera that are preserved throughout the ages: Gossip, scheming, jealousy, and revenge are all major themes to present just a few. The Marriage of Figaro is no exception, and indeed this opera should be the benchmark that all others shouldContinue Reading