by Neelam Singh It’s not often that I listen to an album in its entirety, especially when it has just been released. But after Doja Cat gifted us with “Kiss Me More”, not one part of me hesitated to dive into the whole album of “Planet Her”. Plus, with featuresContinue Reading

by Neelam Singh In this place, I must assign a final set of words to us. How can this be asked of someone, to make finite that which is everlasting? Cassius spoke true, that we are underlings, as I bring to paper a fortune written by the stars. Of youContinue Reading

by Isabella Hird Liz Moore’s Long Bright River is a book you will not be able to put down. Set in Kensington, Philadelphia, an area notorious for drugs, violence, and prostitution, the book centres around Mickey Fitzpatrick, a 30 plus-year-old general duty officer for the police. Shifting between the pastContinue Reading

By Zoe Morrison Brandon Sanderson’s epic fantasy series The Stormlight Archive continues with Rhythm of War, the fourth installment of a planned total of ten. With the nature of sequels, it is going to be impossible to write about the premise of this book without spoilers for the earlier booksContinue Reading

by Shrida Sahadevan What’s home? Is it the secure, four-walled building with a roof to cover our heads? Is it the place of our refuge and rest? What’s home? Is it the reminiscence of simpler times with loved ones? Is it the echoes of where we began and how weContinue Reading